We serve a large number of clients in the high tech, biotech, life sciences and medical device industries who are looking for out-of-the-box strategies. We have extensive experience in providing long and short term solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner, which is why we consistently receive referrals from corporate lawyers and venture capitalists.

Often, a first step is to decide whether the foreign national qualifies for qualifies for L-1, E1, E2, O-1, H-1B or cap exempt H-1B visas. Another consideration is whether a business visitor visas (B-1) is an an appropriate and strategic option.

Tech companies often need more than the routine processing of visa applications. They need experts on compliance and forward-thinking strategies. We are experts at I-9, public access file, and wage documentation compliance.
Jeff Goldman Immigration also utilizes sophisticated technology which permits human resource officers to login to our data base and find up-to-date information on all of their foreign national employees.